Goat Herd Shares Program

goat-herd-share program

Thank you for your interest in The Homestead Farm Goat Herd Share Program! For those unfamiliar with the concept of herd sharing, also known as farm shares or goat shares, customers buy shares of a herd and thereby become owners!  As an owner, the customer is now entitled to the milk from their share. Essentially, The Homestead Farm Herd Share Program is a great way to enjoy the benefit of farm-fresh goat’s milk without all the work of housing and caring for the animals yourself!

Why Herd Share?

In the state of Colorado, it is illegal to sell raw unpasteurized milk. However, if you are a part owner in a herd (herd share) then you have the right to obtain the herd’s milk.  Our milk is tested monthly for unhealthy bacteria and our herd has been tested for both Brucellosis and Tuberculosis (TB) to ensure the milk you’re receiving is safe.

Why Raw Goat’s Milk?

According to the Journal of American Medicine, “Goat’s milk is the most complete food known.” Read our blog about goat’s milk vs cow’s milk  and about raw milk for more information about the health benefits of goat’s milk. What’s more, it tastes great!

How Does the Program Work?

The Homestead Farm Goat Herd Share Program is easy and breaks down like this:

  • $25 per Herd Share – A one time fee per share to join the program
  • $45 Boarding Fee – Charged monthly
  • Entitles you to approximately 1 gallon of milk per week – (4 pickups per month)

Half-shares (half-gallon per week) and Quart-size shares are also available for those who don’t need a full gallon each week:

  • $25 per Herd Share – A one time fee per share to join the program
  • $35 Monthly Boarding Fee for half share
  • $25 Monthly Boarding Fee for quarter share

Is Milk Available Year-Round?

Our goats do not produce milk from December through March to ensure they are able to produce healthy kids in the spring. You will not pay boarding fees during this time.

It’s that simple! For questions and to sign up, please email Heather at allthingsranch@gmail.com or call directly at 970-515-2122.

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