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What is Chevre?


Chèvre (pronounced “SHEV-ruh” or sometimes simply “SHEV”) is a type of French cheese made from goat’s milk.

Depending on how it’s made, Chèvre can have different flavors and textures. Some types of chèvre have a smooth texture, mild, buttery flavor and white color, similar to cream cheese. Other varieties of chèvre are still soft but slightly more crumbly. The flavor of these types of chèvre can be slightly more tangy.

Aged Chèvre can be quite firm and yellow in color.

Chèvre can be served as a table cheese, spread on crackers or in canapés. Chèvre is also frequently used in salads.

Chèvre will soften but not completely melt when heated. Chèvre is a popular cheese in pasta dishes and on pizza.


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