Newsletter- march 2016



March 2016

Hello again from homestead ranch.

We are gearing up for another great year! We have most of our animals on our new property as well as wonderful protectors for our herd.

we would like to introduce some of our newest members of the company!


ANNIE: This is our sweet little Annie, she is a 1.5 year old Great Pyrenees female

She is very even tempered and loves to get her pets from as many people as possible!

We had a surprise that came with her that the previous owners as well as ourselves were unaware of.

annie (1)

Chunk: Meet chunk, he was unplanned and very much a surprise! He was born in October of this last year. His mom ( Annie) only had one puppy, so he got to have as much milk as he wanted and boy does he live up to his name! He loves to play with the goats as well as chew toys and hide behind trees! He is MR. Personality!



Killian: This is the king of the hill, he is the same age as Annie and the father to Chunk! He has been such a wonderful investment. He has chased away a pack of coyotes as well as some stray dogs roaming nearby that could have very easily attacked our herd. He is very sweet and loves attention! He enjoys playing with Annie and Chunk on nice sunny days!


Iris:Meet Iris, she is our one guardian dog who is not pyrenees, she is Akbash. She loves steven to no end and is very playful with most people, she can be a little over protective at times but she is an amazing guardian dog. She has saved our chickens from being prey to very large hawks at our property. She loves to run and play with whoever will pay attention to her!


Here are some pictures of a few babies from this year.



We are finally starting to get into the swing of things! We expect to have a banner year again!

We are very excited to announce that we have teamed up with a pet supply company locally owned and operated in Loveland, CO.  

Big Bark is a family owned company that only sources natural pet products from local based companies.  The quality of product is much exceeded my expectations! Check them out on facebook or their webpage  big bark pet products,


Chicks and chickens eggs are arriving by the day! Check out these pictures.We have added some fun new additions to our poultry flock, DUCKS! They are so much fun and the omegas in the duck eggs are amazing!


We hope to be in quite a few more markets this upcoming season, so go on our facebook page and like us to get a discount on your favorite products! Homestead ranch facebook page Just let us know when you come by the booth so we can get you your discount. Also look on our webpage for the new markets we will be at as well as new stores and restaurants we will be in!

We are very excited for this upcoming season! We are so very blessed to be able to enjoy what we do and serve our community well! Our awesome market rep. Nick is expanding out on his own a little this year and taking on clients large and small who need weed control done but not with chemicals, with our boy goats who love, love, love to eat! So if you are in need of a little trimming or have a larger area that needs maintained then give him a call. The goats will thank you for it!

Nick 970 219 4199

Thank you to all who have made this possible and we look forward to seeing you in the new year!



Heather,Steve, Landon

 and everyone here at Homestead Ranch

For individual questions or concerns please feel free to email me at
Homestead Ranch