Herd Shares Program

Our goats

A wonderful way to have farm fresh milk without having to house and care for the animals.

According to the Journal of American Medicine, “Goat’s milk is the most complete food known.” Read our blog about goat’s milk vs cow’s milk  and about raw milk for more information about the health benefits of goat’s milk.

Thank you for your interest in our Herd Share Program. We are truly excited about this program. Many new friends have visited our farm and I always offer them a sample of milk. You would be surprised how many people have misconceptions about goat’s milk. Some have just “heard” that is tastes funny. Others have tasted it sometime in their life and thought it had a strange taste. The brave take the sample anyway, probably just to be nice. One sip…lip smacking, then another, then the rest of the cup is downed. All the misconceptions of Goat’s Milk are washed away by the wonderful, fresh taste of delicious, sweet… milk. Good Fresh Raw Goat’s milk does NOT have any off taste.

If you are unfamiliar with Herd Shares, let me help. In the state of Colorado, it is illegal to sell raw unpasteurized milk. However, if you are a part owner in a herd (herd share) than you have the right to obtain the herd’s milk. This is a wonderful way to have farm fresh milk without having to house and care for the animals. Our milk is tested monthly for unhealthy bacteria and our herd has been tested for both Brucellosis and TB.

Our Herd Share program is easy…$25 per Herd Share – This is a one time fee per share to join the program. $45 Boarding Fee (Monthly Fee) – This entitles you to approx. 1 Gallon of Milk per week (4 pickups in a month) We do have half shares as well, which allows 1/2 Gallon per week @ $35 boarding fee (monthly fee). NEW! Quart size shares, available this year for $25.

We have a dry period, December through March, where our does are not producing milk. This is vitally important for healthy kids being born in the spring. During this time you will not pay boarding fees.

It’s that simple!

For Questions and to sign up:
Contact: Heather – allthingsranch@gmail.com
970-515-2122 Direct Number

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