Great Pyrenees and Akbash Puppies for Sale

Great Pyrenees and Akbash Puppies for Sale

(Puppy pics coming soon.) We are asking $350 each for the pups. They won’t last long though.

Meet the Sire and Dams for our litters of puppies to be born this year.They are all onsite parents. They make awesome livestock guardians and are very well tempered.

The top is iris which is the akbash currently with puppies. The pups are raised with livestock from the day they are born , so they are true working dogs but are also socialized. they will all come with puppy shots. They where born on mothers day (awww) should be ready to purchase in July after fully weaned!

About the Akbash Dog Breed:

The Akbash personality tends to be calm and aware. As a breed, it is not shy, nor is it aggressive. When used as a protection dog, it is suspicious of strangers in its territory, and any unusual sounds or changes in the environment. The breed is not naturally hostile, and is instead, naturally discerning, bred to think independently. The Akbash can be powerful against predators, yet, when properly exposed, be gentle with newborn lambs and goat kids. The usual first means of protection by an Akbash is to warn potential threats by posturing, barking and/or growling. The Akbash will chase away a predator, or engage in physical combat if necessary.

Although the Akbash is frequently mistakenly referred to as being a herding dog, they do not chase and round up livestock. Akbash Dogs should never chase livestock although occasionally they may move their charges away from danger. The Akbash Dog is one of the more popular of about 30 breeds worldwide of Flock Guardians, Livestock Protection Dogs, or Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs).

She loves Steven to no end and is very playful with most people, she can be a little over protective at times but she is an amazing guardian dog. She has saved our chickens from being prey to very large hawks at our property. She loves to run and play with whoever will pay attention to her!

annie (1)

Meet Iris, she is our one guardian dog who is a Great Pyrenees. 

About the Great Pyrenees Breed:

Pyrenees are a popular breed these days. In nature, the Great Pyrenees (also known as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog, is a large breed of dog used as a livestock guardian dog. It should not be confused with the Pyrenean Mastiff. They are confident, gentle (especially with children), and affectionate. While territorial and protective of its flock or family when necessary, its general demeanor is of composure and patience and loyalty. It is a strong willed, independent and reserved breed. It is also attentive, quite fearless and loyal to its duties. The Great Pyrenees’ size makes it an imposing guardian. A dog of this breed will patrol its perimeter and may wander away if left off its leash in an unenclosed space. The Great Pyrenees protects its flock by barking, and being nocturnal.

KillianKillian is the king of the hill, he is the same age as Annie and the father to Chunk, our only pup from last year. He has been such a wonderful investment. He has chased away a pack of coyotes as well as some stray dogs roaming nearby that could have very easily attacked our herd. He is very sweet and loves attention! He enjoys playing with Annie and Chunk on nice sunny days!

Check back for puppy pics! (updated)