About Homestead Ranch

Our Boy, Bakon

Homestead Ranch’s story began in 2013 when we purchased one pet goat named Bakon. We had wanted a pet goat for years, and came across Bakon when we saved a horse from slaughter! Bakon quickly became a beloved member of our family.  He’d pull a cart and even went trick or treating with my son — he thought he was a dog!

More Goats….

As we got to know Bakon, we also learned more about the benefits of goat products and how they help maintain a healthy lifestyle for a busy family. We quickly decided that we wanted more than just a pet! Five years later, our goat family has grown to 25 goats, including 10 does that provide us with wonderful tasty milk, as well four doelings that will replace our girls when they are ready to retire on our beautiful mountain property. We have lots of bouncing baby boys this year that will serve our community with home-raised and well-fed meat. Most of our goats are La Manchas, but we we also have a few Nubians and Alpines who round out the herd. All are very well bred with excellent milk lines.

Our Ranch Today

Our goat herd is ever changing with each new season of babies. They all become part of our family and receive the best care and all of our love. We are proud of how happy, content, silly, and mischievous are little family is… just as goats should be! We enjoy and appreciate our goats for all that they offer to us; whether it is from their meat, their milk, or their funny antics, we can’t seem to get enough of these wonderful creatures and all they have to offer our family and community!

Healthy goats, high-quality farm products, and happy customers remain our top priority. The entire Homestead Ranch family is proud to produce the most healthful goat milk, cheese, meat, and skin care products available in Fort Collins, Colorado and the surrounding areas. We welcome the opportunity to share them with you!

– Heather, Steven, Landon
And all of our dairy goats from Homestead Ranch